3 day module + webinar

Trainers :

Ohanes Missirilian :

Engineer, MBA, Master, Certified Professional Coach, Brazilian and French, Ohanes is an International Trainer and Consultant in the field of Purchasing and Procurement. He has managed international training programs for multinational companies throughout the world, such as DuPont, Arcelor, Unilever, L’Oreal, Nestle, Valeo, BASF, Bayer, Nokia, Ericsson, SKF, Sanofi-Aventis, Alcan, PSA, Autoliv and Alstom.
Expert in Purchasing Strategy and organization, Best Practices, Services, SRM and Key Supplier Management. He also has academic activities at the EM Lyon, ESCP-EAP, Ecole Centrale de Paris, Ecole des Ponts, Universidade de Aveiro, and HEC Geneva.

General Objectives :

To provide tools to enhance the negotiation and influencing skills for local team leaders/members when interacting with global governance bodies and global project team leaders/members – especially in the areas of strategy alignment, timelines, resource allocation and re-allocation.

Training Objectives :

To develop analytical and behavioral skills for stakeholder management and formulation of influencing strategies when faced with complex situations which are typical in research & development, individual influencing and negotiation skills to help participants:
To align objectives of internal (local and corporate) and external stakeholders. To drive external partners towards Organization objectives

Agenda :

Day 1

  1. Introduction – The challenge of innovation, implications in the field of negotiation and internal and external stakeholder management
  2.  Analysis of the environment: Identification of the stakeholders, table of influences (who influences who in a project environment)
  3. Role playing: – Stakeholder management with confidence, even in front of scientific “stars” – Listen actively while negotiating/communicating – Understand one’s negotiating/communication style.

Day 2

  1. How to define your influencing strategy: Steering inter-intra organizational exchanges, decision and influencing pipelines, Sociogram , risk behaviors for decision making and influencing, etc.
  2. Role playing: – Take leadership of a negotiation in a flexible manner – tools and methods – Exercise one’s leadership throughout the negotiation and difficult conversations with internal and external stakeholders.

Day 3

  1. Managing subcontractors: how to implement a contract management process to drive performance
  2. Defining negotiation objectives and strategy role play: the 5 ground rules of internal and external negotiation – Pooling of ideas and simulation.

Day 4 (confcall) – Experience sharing
1h confcall with 6 participants plus the facilitator, 5 to 6 weeks following the training session.
Participants share their experience on using the different tools presented during the face to face session.
It helps to:
– Keep the momentum of the training during a longer period of time where participants “practice” what they learnt in a real work situation. – Provide an opportunity to get feedback from the facilitator and peers on individual experiences/questioning
– Support networking among participants by providing an experience-sharing forum which helps to bind relations
The Experience Sharing Confcall is particularly adapted for groups in which participants are based in different geographic locations.

Educational Methodology :

Personality test (on paper, performed during the course), simulations with realistic case studies and real examples provided by the participants; theoretical and practical aspects.
The morning is dedicated to theoretical and practical aspects based on different analytical tools, while the afternoon is focused on practical exercises to develop the behavioral skills.

Location : Paris
Registration fee :  4800 euros (Taxes not included)

Contact : ken.slock@rist-groupe.fr