One of our Hermes conferences.
Industrial activies have progressively erased the traditionnal border between industry and services. Over 80% of industrial companies integrate the production of merchant services. In fact, 30% of these companies produce more services than actual goods.
This statement is increasingly present in the mind and speech of the enterprise leaders who understand that the fates of both these economic sectors are now closely intwined. The digital revolution, green growth and the deep changes within the social structures and behaviors, have created a new service offer based on the synergy between industrial and services entreprises and contribute to upset the traditional chains of value. These sophisticated cooperations produce more value and profitability. Industrials increasingly intrust their development by  providing services through the use of a product, rather than in product sales.  Economic competitiveness must be analyzed under the angle of complementarity between industry and services which,  when joined, ally development and performance. Public powers can favorise the emergence of an economy where these ancient frontiers disappear in favor of a global offer strategy which accounts for all the entreprises within the chain of value and the new production modes stemming from them.
What would the consultant’s role be in this vast mouvement ? How much value can they add ? Which door can they open ? Which process and relfexion can they facilitate ?