RIST LAB’s Missions


RIST LAB, assisted by its Scientific Committee,

  • supports and influences research in sociology, economics and management applied to research and innovation management, with a particular focus on key themes for RIST;
  • steers relations with RIST’s main scientific sources
  • coordinates RIST think tanks, closed working groups that are given a year to design new concepts and methods in a particular domain, based on academic results and known best practices;
  • directly steers several research programmes on sensitive topics (that may not be disclosed to academic institutions), in particular programmes aimed at accelerating the acquisition of expertise, and which are run by a subsidiary, RIST AxPertTM;
  • hosts as junior consultants several PhD students who are future consultants;
  • advises the members of RIST on all their activities, after checking that the methods used in the field are indeed based on international programmes of excellence.


The RIST LAB Scientific Committee

This committee’s missions include advising and fostering the interface activities between research (upstream from RIST) and operations, that is, activities concerning the design of consultancy and training methods (within RIST).
 Emmanuel LAZEGA, professor of sociology at Sciences Po Paris, specialist in the social networks of scientists and innovators.
Jean-Claude MOISDON, professeur of management at Mines ParisTech.
Frédérique PALLEZ, professeur of management at Mines ParisTech, specialist in public research policy and HRM.
 Emmanuel JOSSERAND, Professeur University of Technology Sydney (UTS).
Pascal CORBEL, Professeur of Management and Vice President of Versailles Saint quentin University, spécialist in strategy and Intellectual Proprety.
 Alexis TSOUKIAS, Professeur at Paris Dauphine University, Directeur of LAMSADE (UMR Dauphine CNRS), spécialist in Decision Making Process and Operational Research.
Patrick GILBERT, Professeur at Paris Sorbonne, spécialist in HRM and Psychology.
Gérard VALLERY, Professeur Picardie Jules Verne University, specialist in ergonomy and pedagogy.